Quick bit of news from DINFONTAY-land: I’ve been quietly working on a side project for the past few months called Blotto Digital. Blotto is a video production project I’m launching with some friends to flex our storytelling and videography skills in the food and drink space.

We hope to produce editorial videos for our owned & operated YouTube channel, and are laying some exciting groundwork for that now. But because everything costs money and none of us are heirs to any oil fortunes (that we know of, at least), we also plan to partner with food & beverage brands/companies to develop, produce, and distribute video content that helps them tell their stories to digital audiences.

In non-media jargon: we’re available for hire, give us money and we’ll make you look good and cool online.

In the hospitality business, a “soft open” is a chance for a just-about-to-open restaurant to work out its operational kinks on a forgiving house full of friends & family before they throw wide the doors and begin accepting the population at large. We took the same approach with launching Blotto, and partnered with our friends at Taco Vista to create this promotional video for their killer new outpost on NYC’s Governors Island.

This is still just a side project for now, so we’re putting the pieces together slowly. If you’d like to help, follow @blottodigital on Instagram for a steady stream of aspirational alcohol-based photography and pithy captions from your ol’ Uncle Dad.

And! If you represent a brand/company/whatever and are interested in hiring us, contact us directly right here.