I’m launching a zine called Uncle Dad. I don’t know what such a project requires just yet, but I do know that it means I’ll need contributors. That’s where you (maybe) come in.

I’m looking for a group of about 10 photographers, artists, writers, and #content #creators to join me in putting together the inaugural issue. I’m going to serve as both publisher and founding editor, and I’ll write a couple pieces for it. I need you guys to fill in the rest.

I can’t offer you payment up front. If we make any money selling the zine (which I highly, highly doubt) it will be distributed to you based on the size & strength of your contribution, and how much I like you.

I can’t offer you “exposure,” either. This is a zine, and no one reads zines. Grow up.

What I can offer you is a really fun, really weird editorial project with no “traffic goals” or “advertiser concerns” or “brand alignment issues.” Fuck that shit, right? Also, I’m going to throw a really shitty launch party in NYC, and maybe make some custom stickers you can have. Kinda sweet?

If that sounds cool to you, >>>email me<<< with the words “Uncle Dad zine” in the subject line, and let’s talk about it.