In early December, I hopped a train from NYC to the suburbs of Boston to meet up with Harris Markowitz (markowitzH on Snapchat) and Mike Platco (mplatco on Snapchat), two talented dudes who make their livings as social media consultants/content creators/Snapchat stars/etc. Platco had cooked up an ambitious new project, and he wanted our help to pull it off. The mission: to reenact key scenes from Home Alone in a made-for-Snapchat holiday special. (Obviously, I was tapped to play Joe Pesci’s Harry, because I am short, manic, and Italian.)

We spent an entire weekend shooting on an iPhone, then me and Markowitz went back to NYC, leaving Platco to doctor up the final product. And what a final product it turned out to be! You may have already seen it on Snapchat last weekend, but in case you missed it — or just want to watch it again! — it’s now uploaded in its entirety to YouTube. Check it out above, and a couple behind-the-scenes bits from the weekend, below.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.