11053227_493541250802583_7526254248911491668_n-1Hi! Hello! Welcome! Have a seat right over there — yep, right over there by the refreshments — and let’s get down to business.

First of all, I’m Dave Infante. On the internet, I go by @dinfontay. I swear, this phonetic portmanteau of my first initial and last name didn’t start out as an attempt at #personal #branding. Personal branding is gross, as is earnestly writing hashtags in sentences like that. Anyway, I settled on the handle after discovering @daveinfante was taken by this fucking guy. Incidentally, I’m also in a long-drawn-out SEO battle with David Diaz-Infante, a former NFL player. As you can see, I am currently whupping that ass.

Some other basics:

  • I live in Brooklyn
  • I’m from New Jersey
  • I mostly write for a living, plus do occasional social media consulting
  • I went to the University of Virginia
  • I drink untold volumes of coffee, and have the chronic heartburn to prove it
  • Et cetera


Second of all, this new-ish website is the official online home of Dave Infante/@dinfontay. Check it out! I know, I know — you’re overwhelmed by its grandeur and depth. Me too. I don’t like to brag (this is a lie), but I did all the coding myself (this is also a lie.) I write for a bunch of publications (predominantly Thrillist, but also Mashable, Daily Dot/The KernelFour Pins, Fast Company, and Five O’ Clock Magazine from time to time) so this very online website is the best way for me to organize all my content in one central location. You can find everything in my portfolio under the WRITING tab.

Third of all, this rhetorical device is getting tedious, so there will be no “fourth of all.” But seriously, I’m thrilled that you stopped by. If you’d like to receive occasional updates with my latest published work, consider signing up for my email newsletter, the DINFONTAY Digest. I promise, I will not sell your email address to anyone. Not even if they ask me nicely.

You can (and should!) also follow me and this website on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I’m also on Snapchat under the handle DINFONTAY.

I have big plans for DINFONTAY.com, and I want you to be a part of them. Future developments may include, but are not limited to: original editorial and video content; a line of plus-sized t-shirts; live semi-nude webcam shows; other stuff, maybe. Stay tuned for more. Or leave this website and continue living your life. The choice is yours, really.